Are Opal Wedding Rings Bad Luck?

This widespread belief that opal is unlucky is regrettable. Despite being one of the most visually striking gemstones available, its reputation has been tarnished by urban legends and false facts.

Can you believe that opal engagement rings are supposed to bring you good fortune? Is it unlucky to acquire an opal? If opal isn't your birthstone, does that mean you should avoid wearing it? Disappointingly, many people who inquire about this gem do so with skepticism.

However, many of these inquiries were inspired by a genuine concern or issue. To be more precise, opals are notoriously delicate gems. Provided you know what you're doing and treat your opals with respect, they can bring you far more happiness than they can harm.

Opal Beliefs

Opal has been admired for centuries due to its unparalleled allure and curative properties. But throughout its history, opal has been dogged by a number of hexing with varying causes. Negative assumptions about opals include the following:

  • Unless it's your birthstone, don't wear opal. October is Opal's birthstone.
  • Never buy yourself an opal. Gifts only.
  • If a bride buys an opal engagement ring, she'll soon be a widow.
  • Some believe opals should never be given as gifts.
  • If you wear an opal, you'll have bad luck. Period.
  • After the owner dies, an opal loses its luster.

Discrediting The Myth That Opal Wedding Rings Are Bad Luck

Many myths and legends surrounding opals need to be viewed with skepticism. These myths were allegedly developed by competitive diamond merchants in the 19th and 20th centuries to boost sales.

In addition, opals may be associated with negative connotations for others because of past bad experiences. Neglect is more likely to cause this than a curse.

Why Opals Needs Special Care

The Mohs scale of hardness is used to classify the abrasiveness of certain gemstones. A gemstone's hardness is a factor in how well it will hold up to normal use.

On the Mohs scale, opals are a 5.5–6.5. Diamonds, having a hardness of 10, are the hardest material measurable. Opals are easily destroyed by anything heavier on the scale, including scratches, chips, and cracks. This means that opals are vulnerable to damage by diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and even some types of glass.

When dealing with a gemstone as magnificent as this one, it's important to take every effort to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Jewelers have gotten much better at cutting and setting stones without damaging them throughout time.

Opal Engagement Ring Tips

Whether or not opals are the best option for engagement rings is still up for debate. How rough someone is on their rings is a major factor. Opal engagement rings are a gamble, but the wearer will be gifted a priceless heritage. Nonetheless, think about the following opal maintenance tips:

  • Avoid keeping your engagement ring near any diamonds or other rough stones. The opal's surface could be damaged if these stones were used.
  • Opal engagement rings should not be worn to bed.
  • When working with liquids, remove your ring.
  • Be mindful of where you place the ring and try to avoid banging it on any hard surfaces.
  • Think about saving the ring for special occasions only.

I hope this opal beliefs guide was helpful in determining whether or not an opal engagement ring is right for you. If the answer is yes contact us  more information.