What Is Diamond Brilliance?

When shopping for a diamond, most people evaluate the stone based on the amount of sparkle in the light. This makes a diamond's brilliance a critical visual aspect that determines the gem's value, desirability, and appearance. However, a diamond's sparkle involves a combination of three components: fire, brilliance, and scintillation. So, what exactly is diamond brilliance? Read on to find out.

What Is Brilliance In A Diamond?

Diamond brilliance refers to a bright white light reflection from different facets of the stone. The light intensity usually varies depending on the artist's cut and polish, since diamonds are extracted from the earth with a rough, opaque surface. Thus, a professional diamond cutter will analyze the gem and determine the ideal cut for maximum natural properties, like a brilliant cut.

Poor brilliance will make the stone appear darker and lifeless than a beautifully cut and polished diamond with picturesque angles. For instance, a step-cut diamond with fewer facets on the crown will have little reflection of light, affecting brilliance. However, step cuts have more fire that helps show more clarity.

Besides the cut, scintillation also plays a critical role in determining diamond brilliance. Scintillation or sparkle involves a product of movement, where the viewer, light, or diamond must be in motion for the sparkle to show. The stone must have adequate structural contrast in the facets to allow the light to bounce around. The scintillation should be even and well-balanced for a perfectly brilliant diamond, with a few dark and bright facets.

How to Buy A Brilliant Diamond

Most people use diamond brilliance, scintillation, and cut interchangeably, making it difficult to get a brilliant diamond. However, the cut grade and polish determine the finish of a brilliant diamond, enabling you to get the most brilliance. If you find it tricky to buy a brilliant diamond, speak to a geologist to discuss pavilion angles and the ideal cut for maximum light reflection.

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