What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

The sparkle is a result of its interaction with the light. The type of cut plays a significant role in making the diamond sparkle. Nowadays, the tools that cut diamonds do a good job, mainly on the facets. During cutting, there is a lot of emphasis on proportions, angles, and the size of the facets.

Often, a small cut of a diamond is more impressive than a large cut of a diamond as it produces a better sparkle.

The angles of the diamond play a significant role in sparkling when they interact with light, where when light hits the diamond facets, it causes reflection, leaving the diamond with different rainbow colors. When the light hits the diamond, it always starts at the bottom, towards the bottom. That is why, when cutting, you have to look at the density.

What Affects A Diamond's Sparkle?

Several factors make the diamond sparkle. These include:


Fire is when the white light splits and bends, producing spectral colors of the rainbow. These colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. 

When the light hits the diamond, it breaks into spectral colors that are white. These colors move at different angles, making you view different colors.


This is when you see a diamond looking lit and bright due to reflected white light. There are two types of brilliance:

  • Internal brilliance is when light has to bounce around diamonds so that it can exit
  • External brilliance is when white light bounces off of the external diamond facets.


This effect occurs when you move the diamond through the light. It depends on your movements and lighting. The more you move, it creates a glaring effect. The majority of the rings that have these behaviors are small-sized ones.

We know what makes a diamond sparkle and the things that affect the sparkles. The role of cutting, sizes, and density plays a significant role in producing a better sparkle.

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