Are Diamond Testers Accurate?

Diamond testers are a popular way to determine if diamonds are real or fake. They are devices that test the attributes of the stone to see if they match those of a diamond. Conventional diamond testers measure thermal conductivity. In other words, they check how fast heat circulates throughout the stone in question. Diamond testers are accurate and reliable. 

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What Are Diamond Testers? 

Diamond testers are devices that determine if a diamond is real or fake. They are typically small and portable for convenient use. There are various types of diamond testers, including: 

  • Conventional/thermal conductivity diamond tester 
  • Electrical conductivity diamond tester 
  • Diamond indenter hardness tester 
  • Fluorescent diamond tester 

Thermal conductivity testers are the most common, followed by electrical conductivity testers. Thanks to advancements in technology, they are accurate and easy to use. 

How Do Diamond Testers Work? 

Diamond testers use thermal conductivity to determine a diamond's authenticity. A needle-like metal tip is placed on the stone, heating it up to measure how quickly the heat travels throughout the stone (thermal conductivity). Stones conduct heat and electricity at different rates. Fake diamonds will conduct at different rates than real diamonds. This is the case for glass, cubic zirconia, and other diamond substitutes. Diamond testers will produce a visual or audible signal confirming the diamond's authenticity. 

Moissanite can be tricky for diamond testers because it conducts heat at a similar rate. However, moissanite does not conduct electricity at the same rate. Electrical conductivity testers can be used to accurately differentiate moissanite from diamonds. 

Diamond Tester Benefits

As previously mentioned, diamond testers are accurate at differentiating between real and fake diamonds. They are an easy way to get instant results. Testing a diamond is helpful when: 

  • Repairing a stone
  • Exchanging a stone
  • Purchasing a diamond 
  • Selling a diamond

When purchasing a diamond, be sure to use a reputable jeweler, such as Paramount Jewelers. Choose the perfect diamond for you with a tool that allows you to sort by shape, cut, color, clarity, and carat. Shop with confidence that you're going to find an authentic diamond ring in a style that suits just what you're looking for.