Can Diamonds Break?

Diamonds are the hardest substance on the Mohs scale. Unfortunately, diamonds can break too. A diamond's structure is durable and irresistible to scratch, but if not taken care of, diamonds can break even during normal wear.

How do Diamonds Break?

Diamonds can break during normal wear. You may not see anything when the diamond falls, but they can form cracks over time. If your daily job involves doing heavy tasks like lifting weights, farming or nursing, you should avoid wearing your diamonds daily when performing heavy activities.

Heavy metals like tungsten and steel have a higher sensible strength than diamonds. If you hit your diamond directly with tungsten or steel, your diamond can break in shatters.

How to Care for Your Diamonds to Avoid Breaking Them

Diamonds are precious and expensive, and if they break you might lose a hefty amount of money. To avoid damaging your diamond, only wear it when not performing heavy duties.

 You should also store them in a safe box; if any metal harder than the diamond falls on your jewelry, it will damage the diamond.

How to Fix Your Broken Diamond

If your diamond has some cracks, go to your jeweler immediately. If the diamond hasn't shattered completely, the jeweler will recut it into another shape to hide the gaps. It is costly to resize your diamond, and having the right insurance policy will sort you out.

Bottom Line

Every gemstone has vulnerabilities; if you do not take care of your diamonds, they can break. To avoid breaking your diamonds, only wear your diamonds when necessary or for special occasions. 

If your diamond has a crack, do not panic, take it to the jeweler immediately, and they will resize for you. At Paramount Jewelers sell fine diamonds and resize yours if it has a crack. Contact us today, and we will sort you out!