Can I Get My Diamond Clarity Enhanced?

Diamonds are a timeless symbol of luxury and love, with each gem possessing a unique story to tell. Paramount Jewelers, a sophisticated industry leader with over 20 years of experience, offers exquisite jewelry, including custom-designed pieces and superior-grade loose diamonds. We are excited to share our expert advice about diamond clarity and its enhancement, a topic that many customers frequently inquire about.

Understanding Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity grades refer to the internal and external flaws, known as inclusions and blemishes respectively, found in a diamond. Ranging from Flawless, with no visible inclusions even under 10x magnification, to Included, where inclusions and blemishes are noticeable to the naked eye, diamond clarity greatly influences its value and beauty.

What is Diamond Clarity Enhancement?

Diamond clarity enhancement refers to the processes that improve the apparent clarity of a diamond. The most common methods of diamond clarity enhancement are laser drilling and fracture filling. Laser drilling is used to reach and eliminate dark inclusions, while fracture filling involves injecting a clear substance into the diamond to make the inclusions less visible.

Pros and Cons of Diamond Clarity Enhancement

Each diamond is unique, and choosing to enhance its clarity should be based on personal preference and expert advice from trusted jewelers like Paramount Jewelers.


  • Improved Appearance: Diamond clarity enhancements can make inclusions (internal flaws) and blemishes (external flaws) less noticeable, resulting in a diamond that appears more flawless to the naked eye.
  • Increased Affordability: Enhanced diamonds are typically more affordable than diamonds of similar size and apparent clarity that have not been enhanced. This makes higher-quality diamonds more accessible to a wider range of buyers.
  • Expanded Selection: Clarity enhancement can transform diamonds that might have been considered too included to be attractive into stones that are appealing and saleable, thereby increasing the range of diamonds available to buyers.


  • Durability Concerns: Some enhancement methods, like fracture filling, might not be as durable as natural diamonds. The filling material might be affected by heat or certain chemicals during repairs or cleaning, which can damage the diamond.
  • Reduced Value: Diamonds that have been clarity enhanced usually have a lower market value compared to non-enhanced diamonds of similar size and apparent clarity. This could impact the resale value of the diamond.
  • Ethical Considerations: If the enhancement is not disclosed (which is unethical and against industry regulations), it could lead to misunderstandings about the true nature and value of the diamond. It's crucial to buy from reputable jewelers, like Paramount Jewelers, that fully disclose the properties and any treatments of their diamonds.

How Does the Enhancement Process Work?

Diamond clarity enhancement is a delicate process, carried out with extreme care to ensure the diamond's integrity is maintained. When executed professionally, these methods can greatly improve the clarity of a diamond without causing noticeable alterations to its structure.

Can All Diamonds Be Clarity Enhanced?

Not all diamonds are suitable candidates for clarity enhancement. Those with significant inclusions near the surface are generally more suitable, while those with deep internal flaws may not benefit as much from these procedures.

The Impact of Enhancement on Diamond Pricing

Enhancing diamond clarity can affect diamond pricing. In general, diamonds with natural clarity command higher prices than those that have been enhanced. However, an enhanced diamond can provide a more affordable option for those seeking a clear, beautiful diamond.

Choosing a Reputable Diamond Enhancement Service

When deciding on a diamond clarity enhancement service, it's essential to select a reputable provider like Paramount Jewelers. As part of our commitment to exceptional jewelry and customer service, we provide comprehensive information and support to customers exploring diamond clarity enhancement.

Diamond Care Post-Enhancement

Caring for enhanced diamonds requires a bit more caution than non-enhanced ones. To maintain the enhancement, avoid high heat and harsh chemicals, and schedule regular inspections with your trusted jeweler.

At Paramount Jewelers, we offer Free Lifetime Cleaning and Inspections, ensuring your diamond stays as brilliant as the day you bought it. Also, with our Lifetime Diamond Trade-in Policy, we provide options for customers to upgrade their diamond pieces over time.


Diamond clarity enhancement can offer an attractive, more affordable alternative to naturally flawless diamonds. As with any decision involving such a significant purchase, expert advice is vital. At Paramount Jewelers, we pride ourselves on offering ethical diamond sourcing, a range of premium watch brands, and various financing options, regardless of credit history. We also have special discounts for military, law enforcement, and firefighters.

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