How To Set A Diamond

As you embark on the exquisite journey of diamond setting, allow Paramount Jewelers, with 20 years of industry expertise, to guide you. Understanding the process is crucial, not only to appreciate the craftsmanship of our custom jewelry but also to feel the timeless elegance of each piece.

Understanding Diamonds

The history of diamonds is as fascinating as their sparkle. These precious gemstones are adored for their beauty and resilience. The 4Cs of Diamonds—Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat—are crucial in defining their allure. At Paramount Jewelers, we place a high emphasis on these attributes, especially in our superior-grade loose diamonds sourced ethically from partners in India, Israel, and Belgium.

Necessary Tools and Materials for Diamond Setting

Setting a diamond requires expert advice and the right tools. Paramount Jewelers takes pride in the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into each piece of jewelry. Choosing the correct materials enhances the diamond's beauty and guarantees a setting that lasts a lifetime.

Preparing the Diamond for Setting

A diamond must be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for flaws before setting. Ensuring the diamond fits the mounting is crucial. Paramount Jewelers' Lifetime Diamond and Gemstone Guarantee, along with the Gold and Mounting Guarantee, attests to our dedication to this process.

Choosing the Right Diamond Setting Style

There are several setting styles, each exuding a unique charm. From prong to the bezel, pave to channel setting, selecting the right style for your diamond is an art in itself. Feel free to speak with our experts at Paramount Jewelers to understand the right fit for your diamond.

The Process of Setting a Diamond

Setting a diamond involves a step-by-step process that varies depending on the chosen style. Be it a prong setting for an engagement ring or a pave setting for a bridal ring, the expertise at Paramount Jewelers ensures the seamless realization of your custom-designed piece.

Tips and Tricks for Diamond Setting

Safety is paramount in a diamond setting. It's equally important to know how to deal with common challenges and to ensure the longevity of the setting. At Paramount Jewelers, we not only equip you with expert advice but also offer Free Lifetime Cleaning and Inspections.

Seeking Professional Help

Though diamond setting can be a DIY task, certain instances may call for professional help. At Paramount Jewelers, our professionals with decades of experience are always ready to assist you.

Diamond Setting Mistakes to Avoid

Even minute errors in diamond settings can impact the aesthetics of your jewelry. It's critical to avoid common mistakes and to understand their implications.


Setting a diamond is a craft that combines skill and artistry. Paramount Jewelers, with 20 years of experience in the industry, is dedicated to providing exceptional jewelry and customer service. With our Lifetime Diamond Trade-in Policy and a range of financing options available, your journey into the world of exquisite jewelry is made seamless.

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