How To Tell The Difference Between Crystal And Diamond

Welcome to the fascinating world of precious stones. At Paramount Jewelers, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and unmatched expertise in exquisite jewelry spanning over two decades. In today's exploration, we will delve into the enchanting realms of crystals and diamonds. We will empower you with expert advice on how to distinguish between these two captivating entities.

Physical Properties

Both crystals and diamonds are strikingly beautiful, each boasting a unique charm and elegance. One significant aspect that differentiates them is their hardness. Diamonds, renowned for their supreme hardness, score a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale, while most crystals are softer. The geometry of these stones also diverges. Diamonds display a harmonious symmetry, whereas crystals reveal an array of crystal systems. Additionally, their specific gravity sets them apart, with diamonds being denser than most crystals.

Optical Properties

The way light dances within a gemstone can offer insightful clues about its identity. Diamonds possess a high refractive index, causing light to bend dramatically and produce their characteristic sparkle. Conversely, most crystals showcase a lower refractive index. Furthermore, diamonds undergo single refraction, while crystals commonly exhibit double refraction – another distinguishing factor to note.

Heat Conductivity and Electrical Resistance

Heat conductivity and electrical resistance can also provide expert insights into our crystal versus diamond query. Diamonds are impressive heat conductors and show high electrical resistance, unlike most crystals.

The Scratch Test and Water Test

A scratch test, comparing hardness, and a water test, analyzing buoyancy, can further help identify a diamond from a crystal. These simple tests can be executed with caution, but for a definitive conclusion, professional testing is always recommended.

Professional Testing Techniques

At Paramount Jewelers, we utilize the latest testing methods including thermal conductivity meters and fog tests, ensuring an accurate determination. Our professional gemologists and certified labs provide unparalleled accuracy, helping you make an informed decision for your custom-designed pieces.

Caveats and Misconceptions

Despite the abundance of information available, certain misconceptions persist about diamonds and crystals. Unreliable tests and indicators can lead to mistaken identification. Furthermore, the market hosts an array of fake diamonds and crystals. It's crucial to rely on expert advice to avoid falling prey to these deceptions.

The Value of Diamonds and Crystals

Both diamonds and crystals hold considerable monetary value, but more importantly, they carry an immense emotional significance. At Paramount Jewelers, we are dedicated to sourcing ethically and partnering with premium diamond exporters from India, Israel, and Belgium. Each stone is meticulously chosen, ensuring timeless elegance and exceptional quality.


As we wrap up our enlightening journey through the world of diamonds and crystals, we hope this knowledge helps you appreciate the unique charm of these gemstones. Remember, at Paramount Jewelers, we are always ready to share our expertise, whether you're choosing an engagement ring, a bridal piece, a superior grade loose diamond, or a luxury watch from brands like Rolex, Citizen, Movado, Bulova, and Tissot.

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