Is Moissanite A Lab Grown Diamond?

Paramount Jewelers, with 20 years of expertise and dedication to exceptional jewelry and customer service, presents an in-depth exploration of the differences between Moissanite and lab-grown diamonds. Both gemstones reflect our unwavering commitment to exquisite jewelry, timeless elegance, and ethical sourcing practices.

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a gemstone born from the stars. Discovered in 1893 by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Henri Moissan, it was initially mistaken for a diamond due to its brilliance and hardness. Paramount Jewelers offers these luminous gemstones, known for their exceptional fire and scintillation, perfect for customers seeking an affordable yet luxurious alternative to traditional diamonds.

What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Paramount Jewelers also offers a range of lab-grown diamonds that mirror the physical and chemical properties of natural diamonds. Formed under high pressure and high-temperature conditions, these diamonds are chemically, optically, and physically identical to those mined from the earth. Their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, coupled with ethical diamond sourcing from our premium exporters from India, Israel, and Belgium, make them a superior choice for engagement and bridal rings.

Comparing Moissanite and Lab-Grown Diamonds

In terms of appearance, both Moissanite and lab-grown diamonds dazzle with their brilliance. However, Moissanite exhibits a fiery, rainbow effect that surpasses even that of a diamond. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, diamonds score a perfect 10, while Moissanite falls slightly short at 9.25, making both stones suitable for daily wear.

When it comes to affordability, Moissanite is less expensive per carat than both mined and lab-grown diamonds, providing a cost-effective option without compromising on sparkle or durability.

Misconceptions and Myths

At Paramount Jewelers, we provide expert advice to help dispel any misconceptions surrounding Moissanite and lab-grown diamonds. While these stones may appear similar to the untrained eye, Moissanite is not a lab-grown diamond. Each gemstone possesses unique properties that lend to its individual charm and appeal.

The Ethical and Environmental Considerations

Paramount Jewelers' commitment to ethical diamond sourcing extends to both our lab-grown diamonds and Moissanite. We take pride in offering beautiful, responsibly sourced gemstones, allowing our customers to choose with confidence and peace of mind.

Choosing Between Moissanite and Lab-Grown Diamonds

Whether your heart is set on a custom-designed piece featuring Moissanite or a timeless, elegant lab-grown diamond engagement ring, Paramount Jewelers is here to help. Factors such as price, durability, appearance, and ethical and environmental impact play a significant role in this personal decision.


The choice between Moissanite and lab-grown diamonds comes down to personal preference. At Paramount Jewelers, we promise exquisite craftsmanship, expert advice, and a range of financing options to bring your dream jewelry to life.

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