What Is A Baguette Diamond?

Diamonds are arguably the most precious and unique stones in the jewelry world. So what is a baguette diamond? Read on to find out

What Are Baguette Diamonds?

Baguette diamond is a long, slim, rectangular, elongated step-cut diamond with straight or tapered edges. Baguette diamonds are a perfect side stone or accent stone for engagement rings. This is because they have a dull spark, making the center stone stand out. They differ from their step-cut cousin emerald cut because their corners are perfectly square.

Characteristics Of Baguette Diamonds

  • Baguette diamonds have 14 facets rather than 57 of the brilliant-cut stone.
  • They are long and rectangular step-cuts.
  • They are small.
  • Baguette diamonds have a dull spark.

The History Of Baguette Diamonds

Baguette diamonds have been around since the 20th century. It was created in the 1920s during the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements. The conventionally cut diamonds taste had started shifting during this period. Its name, "baguette," was adopted from a French loaf of bread that is long and rectangular.

What To Look For In A Baguette Diamond


Since they have a dull spark, precision is essential when choosing a baguette diamond. Choose one that is a bit cleaner for the eyes.


The baguette diamond ratio is between 1:5 and 1:7. It is cut with few facets, meaning inclusions are more noticeable.


They come in a variety of colors. However, you need to choose one that has a higher grade than the centerpiece stone.


It has a lower carat weight compared to brilliant-cut diamonds.

Popular Baguette Ring Settings

Three-Stone Baguette Rings

In this, the baguette diamond wing next to a center stone to complement it.

Channel Set Baguette Ring

Small baguette diamonds are set to lead to the center stone along the band or the arm of the ring.

Vintage Baguette Rings

With round vintage diamonds, baguettes style up the ring, giving it a greater aesthetic appeal.


This is a ballerina halo setting. Baguette diamonds point outward in a radiant shape.

Solitaire Pave

The baguette diamonds surround the arm of the ring.

Why Choose A Baguette Diamond?

  • It enhances the center stone and makes it stand out.
  • Baguette diamonds are affordable compared to other step-cut diamonds like emerald cut.
  • Have so many popular ring settings.
  • Baguette diamonds are great side stones.

How To Care For Baguette Diamonds

Since it has more surface area than brilliant cuts, it can be vulnerable to breaking. However, you can take care of it the same way as other diamonds by cleaning it with a bar of soap and water. You can also take it to a jeweler to clean it up. 

Where To Buy A Baguette Diamond

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