What Is A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

A diamond has an image of purity and light - it is given as a token of love and worn as an emblem of commitment. Before investing in one, it's crucial to understand the different types of diamonds and how that difference affects their quality and value.

In today's diamond jewelry market, there are three main types of diamonds:

  • Mined - these diamonds are mined from the earth, as the name suggests
  • Lab-grown/ lab-created - these are man-made diamonds, grown in the lab
  • Enhanced - these are natural diamonds that are treated to enhance their appearance and quality.

What Is a Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

Clarity-enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds, enhanced with materials such as resin to improve their appearance. Initially, these diamonds have low color and many flaws. After the enhancement process, the diamonds become more desirable with their enhanced beauty. However, the process makes the diamonds less durable and valuable. So, if you are seeking a diamond that's less costly but still stunning, go for a clarity-enhanced diamond.

How is a Diamond's Clarity Enhanced?

Gemologists treat diamonds for either clarity or color. Clarity-enhanced diamonds are treated to improve their clarity. There are several methods of doing so:

  • Deep Boiling - involves boiling the diamond in an acidic solution under pressure
  • Fracture Filling - includes injecting the gem with a glass-like filling, leaving the diamond partially plastic
  • Laser Drilling - involves injecting chemicals into the diamond or using heat
  • Special Laser Drilling - in this process, a thin layer is burned onto the diamond.

Things To Know About Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Here are some summarized pros and cons of clarity-enhanced diamonds:


  • They are naturally mined diamonds
  • They look like untreated diamonds
  • For any given budget, they have higher carat weight and quality 
  • For a similar non-treated diamond, they offer significant savings.
  • As their popularity grows, they are a great investment.


  • Under extreme heat, the filling can get damaged.
  • Requires jeweler's guidance when repairing, resizing, or cleaning.
  • Less durable than natural diamonds, but can last a lifetime.

Price and Value of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

The price of clarity-enhanced diamonds is generally 30-50% less than natural diamonds with similar characteristics. The enhanced status must be listed on the diamond's certification.

When buying one of these diamonds, the jeweler should inform you about the quality and the anatomy of all the 4Cs:

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat

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