What Is A CVD Diamond?

CVD Diamonds are growing in popularity among engagement and wedding ring buyers switching to lab diamonds as an alternative to the expensive natural diamonds. They are the closest to 100% natural diamonds but are much cheaper, more ethical and boast of high specs.

What is a CVD diamond?

It's a synthetic diamond created through the CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) process that breaks down natural gas into carbon atoms that coalesce around a diamond starter to create a new diamond. The CVD process takes place in a vacuum chamber where heat and pressure are applied to the diamond crystals to prevent coloration. To put it more succinctly, CVD Diamonds are grown in the lab. 

Is a CVD diamond a real diamond?

Like naturally occurring diamonds, a CVD Diamond comprises carbon atoms and natural gas. CVD Diamonds are chemically similar to mined diamonds although they are lab-made. For this reason, they are precisely identical to real diamonds and you may not be able to tell them apart from natural stones.

Identifying a CVD diamond

When looking for CVD Diamonds it's important to understand their unique qualities. Here are some tips to help you identify CVD Diamonds in the jewelry store:

  • Use magnification: You need a powerful microscope to help you observe the stone's chemical structure and patterns.
  • Use a Diamond View machine: it turns the CVD Diamond into a dark red fluorescence.
  • Use a diamond tester: Tests the chemical and electrical conductivity of the stone, showing whether it's synthetic or natural.
  • Get an ultraviolet lamp: A blue color shows its CVD.

Learn more with Paramount Jewelers

A CVD Diamond is easier and cheaper to create in the lab and is available in different colors. It's also environmentally-friendly, and comes in high-quality form that's almost identical to mined diamonds. At Paramount Jewelers, we can help you select the best CVD Diamond for your engagement or wedding ring. Contact us today for more details.