What Is A Rose Cut Diamond?

Are you a fan of roses? If you are, you might be excited to learn everything there is to know about a rose-cut diamond. As its name suggests, a rose-cut diamond is meant to resemble the shape of a rosebud by having a flat base and a domed top. The top of the diamond resembles a bloomed rose due to its triangular facets. 

Are Rose-Cut Diamonds More Expensive Than Other Cuts?

Although it might seem like splurging on a diamond cut that resembles the infamous flower of love would cost you more than a typical diamond, that might not always be the case. First off, you have to consider that the diamond has a flat bottom which means it will weigh less than most diamonds that are the same size. Because it weighs less, the carats are usually lower meaning it is less expensive. Surely you can find a rose-cut diamond that is however many carats you want it to be, but it will be less expensive than a traditional diamond that weighs the same. 

Why Do Rose-Cut Diamonds Look Bigger On Rings?

Rose-cut diamonds are particularly easy to work with because of their shape. The flat bottom makes it easy for a jeweler to position the diamond horizontally on a ring, rather than having to position it vertically, and compromising how big it looks. Rose-cut diamonds are known for looking bigger than they actually are and that is all thanks to that flat bottom, so if your intent is to have a ring with a diamond that looks bigger than it is, definitely choose a rose-cut. 

Do Rose-Cut Diamonds Sparkle?

Again, because of the flat bottom, rose-cut diamonds have a larger surface to reflect light on. While a diamond with over 50 facets is traditionally known to sparkle the most, the rose-cut diamond has a slight advantage for having only anywhere between three and 24 facets due to its flat bottom. If you enjoy sparkle and don’t want to worry about the number of facets the diamond has, opt for a rose-cut diamond. 

If you want a ring that will last a long time and is big but less expensive than traditional diamonds, this might be the perfect one for you. Find your next rose–cut diamond and enjoy its uniqueness and elegance.