What Is A White Diamond?

Welcome to the Paramount Jewelers blog, where we provide education and insights into the world of fine jewelry. In this post, we will delve into the topic of white diamonds, exploring their definition, characteristics, and market value. We will also touch upon the ethical and environmental considerations surrounding the mining and trade of white diamonds.

Definition of a White Diamond:

At Paramount Jewelers, we understand that diamonds are formed deep within the earth's mantle, where high temperatures and pressures cause carbon atoms to bond in a unique crystal structure. White diamonds, in particular, are colorless diamonds that do not have any noticeable hue or tint when viewed by the naked eye. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a leading authority in diamond grading and ranks diamonds on a color grading scale from D to Z, with D being the most colorless and Z being light yellow or brown. White diamonds typically fall into the D to F range and are highly valued for their purity and brilliance.

Characteristics of White Diamonds:

As diamond experts, we at Paramount Jewelers understand the physical properties of white diamonds, such as their hardness, brilliance, and fire. These characteristics are what make diamonds one of the most durable and popular gemstones for jewelry. Their brilliance refers to the amount of light that is reflected by the viewer, while their fire, or dispersion, refers to the ability of the diamond to refract light into the colors of the rainbow. The hardness of diamonds makes them scratch-resistant and long-lasting, making them a popular choice for engagement rings and other jewelry.

Where White Diamonds are Found:

White diamonds are primarily mined in South Africa, Russia, and Canada, although they can also be found in other regions around the world. At Paramount Jewelers, we carefully curate our diamond collection to ensure that we offer only the highest quality diamonds to our clients. We understand that the location where the diamond is mined, as well as the mining techniques used, can have a significant impact on the final product.

The Market for White Diamonds:

At Paramount Jewelers, we understand the importance of understanding the market for white diamonds. We know that white diamonds are highly valued in the jewelry industry, driven by their rarity, beauty, and cultural significance. The price of white diamonds is influenced by factors such as size, color, clarity, and cut, with larger, more pure diamonds commanding the highest prices. White diamonds are commonly used in engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and other types of jewelry.

Ethical and Environmental Considerations:

As responsible members of the jewelry industry, we at Paramount Jewelers understand the importance of ethical and environmental considerations. We work to ensure that all of our diamonds are sourced from reputable suppliers who adhere to ethical and sustainable practices. We also prioritize working with suppliers who have obtained certification through organizations such as the Responsible Jewelry Council. We believe that by doing our part, we can help to create a more ethical and sustainable jewelry industry.


In conclusion, at Paramount Jewelers, we understand the importance of white diamonds in the jewelry industry. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality diamonds, while also prioritizing ethical and sustainable practices. By understanding what white diamonds are, their characteristics, and their market value, our clients can make informed decisions when purchasing jewelry. Visit our website at  https://www.paramount-jewelers.com/ to learn more about our diamond collection or to make an appointment at https://www.paramount-jewelers.com/pages/book-appointment and talk to one of our expert gemologists.