What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

Humans have been wearing precious stones and rocks as ornaments for many years. The discovery of diamonds has enabled jewelers to use them to adorn the jewelry they make, like rings and necklaces. If you are fond of vintage diamond jewelry, you will likely come across old mine cut diamonds.

The diamonds lack the dazzling cuts and colorful ability but possess the glamor, mysticism, history, and romance in their appearance. This gemstone has exquisite faucet patterns that attract people to look at its depths. 

What Are Old Mine Cut Diamonds?

These antique diamonds are the predecessor of modern diamonds, and they were popular from around the mid-1800s to the early 1900s. This diamond is unique in its notable features like its bulky uneven shape, soft edges, and warm glow the diamond provides, making it unique and different.

The cutting and polishing of these ancient diamonds were done by hand; unlike the modern ones, they are cut using high-tech equipment, making them one of a kind.

Characteristics Of Old Mine Cut Diamonds

It has a smaller table-When viewed from the top, it has a smaller table compared to modern brilliant-cut diamonds.  

Large culet- compared to brilliantly cut modern diamonds, its culet is more prominent when viewed from above, giving it that unique appearance.

It has a high crown and deep pavilion- old mine cuts feature a top half called the high crown and the bottom side section called the deep pavilion. The crown of the diamond is high when placed on the ring and is higher than brilliantly cut diamonds.

Despite having a deep pavilion, it has smaller and shorter faucets due to the big cullet. It has 58 facets, similar to European old and modern cuts.

Another notable characteristic is the uneven symmetry due to the antique cutting technique. The characteristic will stand out because the jewelers eyed and cut it by hand. It makes it have massive and heavy proportions.


When these old diamonds are compared with modern ones, there is a big difference between the two stones. It possesses that rugged appearance but is more lovely. Visit our website https://paramountjewelersdallas.com/ today to learn more about old mine cut diamonds.