What Is The Largest Diamond In The World?

When shopping for the right diamond for your engagement or wedding ring, you may want to consider the size of the stone. Generally, larger diamonds may come at a higher price, though other factors, such as clarity, color and carat (the 4Cs) often come into play to determine the final price tag. Have you dreamt of owning the largest diamond in the world?

The Largest Diamond In The World

The world's largest diamond is the Cullinan Diamond, named after the owner of the mine in which the diamond was discovered. It was a massive 3,106-carat stone weighing over a pound in its uncut state. The supersized sparkler measured four inches long, two inches wide, and over 2.5 inches high.

Brief History Of The World's Largest Diamond

On January 25, 1905, Frederick Wells, a superintendent in Premier mine, Pretoria, South Africa, beheld a flash of starlight lodged in the wall above him. He was 18 feet below the earth surface in the mine owned by Thomas Cullinan. On closer inspection Frederick had the world's largest diamond sparkling in his hands.

The faithful mine superintendent presented his discovery to the mine owner, Sir Thomas Cullinan, who sold it to the Transvaal provincial government. The stone would later find its way out of Africa, and ended in the custody of Britain's King Edward VIII as a birthday gift. His Royal majesty entrusted Joseph Asscher, head of the famous Asscher Diamond Company, for cutting.

Where Is The World's Largest Diamond Now?

Joseph Asscher cut the stone, named Cullinan, into nine large pieces, and about 100 smaller stones. The biggest piece, the Cullinan 1, is a massive 530-carat stone, the largest top-quality colorless diamond in the world. The stone is mounted in the British Royal Scepter, while the rest are on display in the Tower of London. One of the nine pieces sits in the Imperial State Crown.

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