What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

When it comes to diamonds, you probably know that you can find them in a variety of styles, cuts, and even prices. While diamonds vary in price depending on a number of factors, there is one cut that is more expensive than others. The round brilliant cut is the most expensive diamond cut.

Round Brilliant Cut Pros

While it is one of the most popular choices for engagement rings, there are both positives and negatives when weighing your options and whether you want to actually spend on a ring with the most expensive diamond cut. 


The round brilliant cut is well known for being one of the brightest diamonds out there. That is due to the number of facets that it has and the fact that it is perfectly symmetrical. With 58 facets, the light reflects from this diamond beautifully making it one of the most beautiful and popular diamond choices for engagement rings. 

Because there are so many facets on the diamond, it actually takes a large amount of work done very precisely to ensure that the diamond remains symmetrical. All of the cuts for the facets require that cutters get rid of more of the diamond, meaning that what you are actually paying for is a lot smaller than what you are actually getting. 


One would argue that there is not another diamond like the round brilliant cut. It is classy and elegant and looks beautiful in any type of setting. Additionally, it pairs well with most types of fingers so you won't have to worry about whether it will look good on you. 

Less Expensive Shapes That Still Look Great

While no one will argue that the round brilliant diamond cut is beautiful, paying for a quality diamond with that cut can be out of your budget. There are plenty of other shapes that you can find that still are elegant without breaking the bank.

Pear, Oval, and Marquise Cuts

Out-of-the-norm shapes such as the pear, oval, and marquise are actually money savers. That is due to the fact that less of the diamond is discarded while it is being cut. If you are looking for something unique, one of these shapes might be the better option. 

Emerald and Asscher Cuts

Emerald and Asscher cuts are elegant diamond cuts and will be a lot less expensive than round brilliant cuts, in large part due to the fact that less of the diamond is wasted during the cutting process.

Finding a diamond that you love without spending too much money is possible. Do some research and look at all your options to make sure you find the perfect diamond for you.